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Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery

When a crisis hits, organizations must be able to efficiently and effectively make the right decisions and deploy the right resources. IAF builds solutions for preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts within both the public and private sectors.


Patient data is growing exponentially, and the modern hospital must adapt or fall behind. IAF develops advanced data management systems that allow organizations to make informed, high-impact business decisions based on clear insights.


As the amount of collected data increases and regulatory requirements shift, the systems used in the energy industry must evolve to meet demand. From clean energy and renewable to traditional oil & gas, we work with our energy partners to deploy advanced solutions that fuel innovation.


There are many technical, logistical, and operational challenges involved in executing initiatives on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense. We have the capacity and expertise to assist military agencies with everything from maintenance and personnel management to financial compliance, supply chain software and more.


IAF understands the nuances and challenges that educational and government agencies face, including reporting to a variety of stakeholders. We offer sustained support and systems that help drive tangible results and make a real difference in communities.

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