A data and management consulting solution designed for the challenges of the last-mile.

Filling the void of current solutions, and demystifying data, one byte at a time.

Why work with IAF?

You've got a lot of data on your hands. You've got deadlines to meet and resources are tight. IAF builds data processes that simplify complex problems. It's that simple. Whether you're leading large-scale initiatives or looking for a way to streamline, our team of experts is here to craft a custom solution for you.

Program & Project Management

One of our leading areas of expertise is in managing programs and projects in a variety of industries. We develop and deliver all operational elements, including meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and completing deliverables.

Financial & Grants Management

The IAF team comprises experts in several diverse academic disciplines. We are well-versed in solving the complex problems that surround grant and financial management, from financial reconciliations and modeling to alternative funding strategies and more

Software Development

Unique problems require creative solutions. Our full-stack engineers develop mobile, desktop, and cloud-based applications at all stages of the software development life cycle.

System Integration

IAF thrives when it comes to the implementation and management of robust information systems. We help support database migrations and ETLs as well as the integration of a variety of different systems, including accounting and ERPs, CRMs, HR/customer management, GIS, and web APIs.

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